Based in Dawsonville, Georgia, MOORE GOOD INK was founded by Vic and Sue Moore. The company specializes in graphic design and in the creation of press releases and news distribution as well as generating technical articles for print and online publications.

   Working principally with manufacturers in the auto racing and the high-performance aftermarket industry, Moore Good Ink distributes extensively to the US and international media.

   In addition, Moore Good Ink promotes new products and news items directly to engine builders, warehouse distributors, retailers, specialty shops, and to racers, race teams and consumers. Should you require advertising or have a new product to promote, call us with your details. 706-531-0058

Latest News

For race cars, trucks and hot rods a new, tuneable power steering pump competing for best steering feel

Written by Fergus Ogilvy, October 27, 2014

Ken Roper, KRC Power

Ken Roper

How is it that KRC Power has been unable to sell power steering pumps to NASCAR teams since 1999, despite their invaluable contributions to three 24-hour Le Mans-winners? Even more baffling when you consider company head, Ken Roper, who has been obsessed by building a better mousetrap since he began pump manufacture in 1997.

But sometimes you have to wait to be discovered; other times you have to wait for your competitors to gently slide into mediocrity. Whatever the reason, KRC’s new...

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